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Quality Policy

Manic Merchandise aims to provide promotional merchandise services to our clients, meeting their deadlines, staying within their budget and observing any extra requirements.

Our key value is the people, and we therefore pay close attention to developing our corporate culture and make sure that the qualifications of our team members match the tasks.

The management is committed to:

The key quality management activities are:


Anticipating the needs of clients
Continuous enhancement of products and services
Broadening the range of products and services according to clients' needs
Enhancing the efficiency of the quality management system


The company's quality management aims are:

Maximum client satisfaction due to every employee observing the quality management requirements
The compliance of products and processes to all established quality requirements
Continuous improvement of the work quality by each team member
Ongoing improvement of the company's position in business due to the enhancement of quality


The following tasks contribute to the achievement of these goals:

Customer service:
Establishing a system of market requirements monitoring.
Establishing a system of client satisfaction monitoring.
Improving the delivery system


Software development and quality assurance:
Enhancing the project monitoring system.
Improving the quality assurance efficiency throughout the project life cycle and preventing deviations from the quality standards.
Orientation towards best practices based on the Capability Maturity Model
Timely equipment maintenance and material resource replenishment


HR service:
Communicating the quality management principles to all members of staff


The company management shall:
Create the organisational and structural conditions required for the functioning of the quality management system, allocate all relevant resources for this purpose and make efficient use of them
Make the quality management system efficient and compliant with the accepted standards
Control the effectiveness of quality management decisions and measures on an ongoing basis
Regularly analyse the quality management system for efficiency and compliance with the interests of clients
Making quality issues our top priorities


The company's management and staff shall comply with the following principles:
Customer-oriented approach
Leadership of management
Personnel involvement
Process approach
System approach to management
Ongoing enhancement
Decision-making based on facts
Preventing deviations from the quality standards on all stages of the product life cycle
Proficiency at every workplace

The quality management policy is the basis for functioning and continuous improvement of the quality management system according to the international standards ISO 9001.

Manic Merchandise management is primarily responsible for accomplishing the above-listed tasks, though the cooperation of each employee will be required for successful implementation of the quality management policy.

Ben Whibley

6th August 2019