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Now that Brexit has happened, this has caused huge changes with the way Promotional goods get imported from Europe. Incurring higher prices and causing delays, buying from abroad is not as easy (or as cheap) as it used to be.


Buying British is the perfect solution! We work with a wealth of highly skilled, passionate suppliers which will make and ship your professionally made promotional item straight from here in the U.K. Clients are starting to increasingly list 'support U.K businesses' 


Why should I buy British?  You are guaranteed a high quality Promotional item beautifully designed to make your clients say WOW! Some other reasons include:

- Fast delivery

- Supporting U.K manufacturing & Jobs

- More Eco friendly by reducing Carbon footprint 

- Brexit Proof

I'm not sure what Promotional item would work best for my company.  Give us a brief with some details of what you want to achieve with your promotional items and we will give you the Best British Made options that make an impression.

Aren't British Made promotional items more expensive? No! We have a huge range of British Made products which make a big impression but cost the same (or sometimes less) than their non British versions. We have a large U.K based supplier chain which will have something for everyone.