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• A stylish Eco ball pen made in part from recycled coffee grind waste to reduce the use of oil based plastic. • Featuring a pre-printed eco message for an added sustainable look. Price is for 1 colour , printed in 1 position

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• Made of recycled fridge parts and yogurt pots this pencil is one of a kind. • Will not splinter if it breaks as it will break clean. • Bendable and flexible.

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• Made in a Certified Carbon Neutral factory, so the eco story starts at the very beginning of its life. • Made of 95% Recycled Plastic. • Senator Magic Glow refill that writes up to 5000 metres! Price is for 1 colour to 1 position

from £0.73

This Eco pencil will NEVER EVER end! With its long-lasting 99% graphite nib and a biodegradable bamboo casing, its one of a kind. It can get sharpened if necessary but it will have been used a lot before then – it is a truly Eco product made with sustainability in mind. It comes with a black or white eraser and can be customized with your logo. This sustainable corporate gift is perfect for eco-conscious events and trade shows. Price based on 1 colour to 1 position

from £1.31

Looking for an 100% sustainable and eco-friendly way to promote your brand? These deliciously juicy and entirely edible apples, are available for branding with your logo! We made these for the cricket world cup in 2019 and they’ve been very popular ever since. These apples are a perfect way to showcase your brand's commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. We use a unique laser engraving process that actually cauterizes the skin of the apple, reducing browning and ensuring your brand stays fresh and vibrant for as long as possible. Also available on a range of other fruit including Oranges. Prices based on engraved Apples to 1 position

from £1.66

• Say goodbye to single-use plastic cutlery and hello to a greener, more sustainable future • Cutlery just got eco-friendlier with rHIPS.b, a revolutionary biodegradable and recycled plastic. • Made in the UK.

from £1.69

125g Bag of Ball Shaped Wildflower Seed Bombs (available in Bee shapes) • Bee Friendly Wildflower Seed Mix. • Handmade in the UK, with just 4 ingredients. • 16 varieties of RHS 'Perfect for Pollinator' wildflower seed. • Presented in a reusable linen bag, with full-colour printed label. Prices based on a full colour label

from £1.85

The Sprout Pencil is the original branded plantable pencil, patented and guaranteed to be of the highest quality. In place of an eraser the Sprout Pencil features a water soluble seed capsule and when it becomes too short to write with it can be planted, producing a number of herbs or plants. The Sprout Pencil is customised by engraving a logo or short message onto the pencil. Also available with full colour branded sleeve. STEP 1 - Write with your Branded pencil STEP 2 - Plant it - Add sunlight & water STEP 3 - Fresh plants will sprout Minimum order 100 - Prices based on 1 colour print to 1 position with full colour backing card.

from £2.03

• Secure your personal and nancial information with an Eco RFID Blocking Card, preventing theft and unauthorized access. • Made from bio-degradable plastic, minimizing harm to the environment. • Safeguard not only your credit and debit cards, but any other RFID-enabled card with our protective technology. • Print full-colour designs on both sides of the card and backing card, without compromising security Price includes - Full colour RFID card WITH full colour backing card

from £2.32

• A5 spiral bound notebook made up of recyclable materials and Coffee beans. • 70 lined sheets and Eco-friendly cover. • Large branding space on front. Price based on 1 colour to 1 position

from £2.70

• This luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate bar, crowned with a stunning white chocolate printed topper will leave a lasting impression and is made in the UK! • Each bar is wrapped in eco-friendly film and personalized with your very own business card, creating an unforgettable marketing tool for your brand. • With a 50mm branding area per bar, plus, the option to add an 85x55mm business card printed on both sides takes your branding to the next level Prices based on a full colour disc

from £2.78

We all know some pens find their way into the Ocean and cause damage to fish and the environment. So how about putting your branding on a pen which actually helps living creatures in the Oceans if it ends up there? The QS40 True Biotic is made from natural, plastic-free biopolymers (PHA) which actually become FISH FOOD once they start to biodegrade in any Ocean, actually feeding sea life instead of destroying it! Also available with an additional Eco brandable pouch with the catchy phase ‘We want fish in our Oceans, not waste’ Price is for 1 colour to clip



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