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Manic Merchandise Ethical Sourcing Policy

Manic Merchandise has been committed to an ethical sourcing policy for a number of years, but we felt it important to put this into a policy for everyone to see.

Manic does source products globally, this allows us to give you the great prices but there is a danger of exploitation. Manic Merchandise enters into a commitment with every factory we use; that certain criteria are met –

  • Afford their employees the freedom to choose to work for them
  • Employees should be free to leave the supplier after reasonable notice is served
  • Suppliers should not use forced, bonded or non-voluntary prison labour;
  • Establish recognised employment relationships with their employees that are in accordance with their national law and good practice.
  • Can demonstrate a commitment to equality of opportunity for individuals and groups enabling them to live their lives free from discrimination and oppression;
  • Impose working hours on their staff which are compliant with national laws or industry standards;
  • Under no circumstances abuse or intimidate, in any fashion, employees and have appropriate disciplinary, grievance and appeal procedures in place;
  • Take appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of their workforce and the wider public;
  • Offer wages and benefits that at least meet relevant industry benchmarks or national legal standards.
  • We will encourage ethical sourcing practices among our suppliers, partner organisations and the broader market.
  • Child labour is defined by UNICEF as “work that exceeds a minimum number of hours, depending on the age and on the type of work”. We encourage all partners to use this as a minimum standard and that the use of child labour should be discouraged no matter the age of the child or the type of work.

Manic Merchandise feels this sets out our commitment to ethical sourcing and makes it clear that as an organisation ethical standards are of the up most importance to us.

Ben Whibley

Managing Director

6th August 2019