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from £4.76

Portable cuboid shaped power bank with 2200mAh. Charge the power bank with the USB cable supplied. Simply connect the power bank to your phone for instant battery power. Supplied with a USB cable. Additional colours are available from Far East stock.

from £4.90

2200 mAh in aluminium. Capacity for smartphone use, output current DC5V/1A.Includes indicating light and USB cable with micro USB plug.

from £5.25

Portable cuboid shaped power bank with 2200mAh, supplied with USB cable and instruction manual. Can recharge most smart phones! Packed in a white box.

from £7.22

4000 mAh aluminium power bank supplied with a USB cable. The flat, rectangular design makes it easy to fit in a pocket. Charge the power bank via a USB cable and connect to your phone for instant battery power. Will charge most mobile phones and and acts like a back up boost for your battery when needed.

from £7.35

Pep 4000 mAh power bank. 4000 mAh slim, lightweight aluminium power bank with grade A lithium polymer battery. The LED indicator lights up during charging and displays the remaining battery capacity in the power bank. Power bank?s input is 5V/1A and output is 5V/1A. Includes a USB to Micro-USB charging cable. Supplied in a blank white gift box.

from £13.95

Pocket sized power bank (5000 mAH) with good print area. Made from recycled plastic.

from £16.25

With ICE-P you can quickly charge your devices so you’re never lost and its built-in LED light will shed a light on your way.Up to 2 charges. High-density 5000mAh battery.10cm cable. Output: Lightning and USB-C. USB-C input touch LED light. Made from recycled plastic.

from £18.15

Wireless charging power bank in 8000 mAh in ABS with rubberised finish. Lay down a smartphone on it and let it charge. Includes a Type C connector.

from £18.85

Combining the flexibility off a charge cable with the practicality of a 3000 mAh integrated power bank, shell made recycled plastic / leather. Features NFC technology to open a web site and drive web traffic - smart marketing.

from £19.69

8000 mAh power bank with aluminium housing. Supports 5W wireless charging and also comes with Micro USB output to enable charging by cable. With the 8000 mAh lithium polymer battery it can fully charge a smartphone several times. Power indicator that shows energy level at all times. Micro USB port-in: 5V/2A Output: 5V/2A. Wireless output 5W. Including PVC free TPE plastic charging cable.

from £23.84

3000 mAh powerbank with integrated 3-in-1 cable. (Type C, Android, iPhone) As soon as you touch the powerbank, the logo lights up for 30 seconds, and logo illuminates when the device is charging.



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