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from £1.03

LED Flashing Badges are a great way to show off your brand with bright lights and will really attract people's attention.Full Colour Print as standard with 2 LED's included.Choice of LED' Colours.Safety pin fitment. Minimum 1,000pcs.

from £1.18

The Poncho Keyring comes in a range of 6 Colours as standard, the poncho is enclosed within the plastic case.They are supplied with a Coloured clip to match the case. The case can be Printed up to 4 spot Colours in just 7 working days.

from £1.27

The Waterproof Phone Pouch fits all smartphones and allows for the smartphone to be controlled through the PVC window.The pouch can be Printed up to 4 spot Colours and is available in 5 standard Colours in a lead time of 10 working days.

from £1.45

The Inflatable Beach Ball can be Printed up to 4 spot Colours and are available in 7 standard Colours.Supplied deflated as standard they are on a lead time of just 7-10 working days.

from £1.57

Our Round Trolley Coin Keyring with a sprung-loaded jaw to retain the coin.The Nickel plated coin is Enamelled with a soft enamel logo on one side as standard.Available in £1 or €1 sizes.

from £1.71

The Aluminium RFID Card Wallett is perfect for stopping contactless payments from your bank cards.Supplied with a Black band to allow multiple cards to be inserted.MOQ of 50 pcs and can be Printed up to 4 spot Colours or laser engraved.

from £2.00

Troop 3-in-1 charging cable. The Troop 3-in-1 charging cable features a USB type C tip and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple® iOS and Android devices. It has a carabiner clip to easily hook on your bag. ABS Plastic.

from £2.11

Resin Name Badges are available in various sizes upon request, the two standard sizes are 60mm x 25mm / 75mm x 35mm.Full Colour Print all over and supplied with a magnetic fitment as standard on a lead time of just 7 working days.

from £2.21

The Signal Blocking Car Key Pouch will stop thieves from being able to amplify your car key signal, and thus unable to access your car. This means you will have the peace of mind of your vehicle being protected.

from £2.28

USB charging cable set in plastic case. Includes a mobile phone standard. The cable has a USB, USC-C and micro USB connector. The micro USB connector can be flipped to use as Lightning connector. Length of the cable: approx. 24 cm.

from £3.09

The 10 Digit Calculator comes in White as standard and can be Printed up to 4 spot Colours.An AG10 battery is included the calculator has standard, percentage & Root calculation functions. Lead time is just 7 working days.

from £3.34

3-in-1 Charging Cable Lanyard is the modern and fashionable way to carry a charging cable with you, while adding the practicality of a lanyard at the same time!Charge from any USB power source by USB-C, lightning or micro-USB dual tip with fast charging speeds.Tips fasten at the bottom and come complete with trigger clip fitment.Minimum of only 100pcs.



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