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Mechanical Pencils



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from £0.25

An ideal budget mechanical pencil option with integral eraser and 0.7mm lead.

from £0.46

Stay sharp with this first-class mechanical pencil. It is solid and resistant, never needs sharpening and writes smoother and darker than ever.

from £0.70

Mechanical pencil with click action mechanism with a transparent barrel. The barrel is made of recycled water bottles, which contributes to decreasing the amount of plastic waste.

from £0.81

A metal barrelled 0.7mm pencil with integral eraser, spare lead and comfort grip. Lead is retractable.

from £1.24

Straight lines is the key to the great look of this pencil. The comfort grip adds to the enjoyable writing sensation of using the 0.7mm led. Also available as a ball pen and as part of a set.

from £1.28

Woodone Pencil Eco Friendly Retractable Mechanical Propelling Pencil Wood Barrel With Silver Nose & Clip

from £2.49

Light-weight mechanical pencil with rubberised grip. Features a metal mechanism with retractable lead feed and full metal nosecone. Unique concealable eraser uncovered with a twist. Loaded with High-Polymer 2B leads. Nib size: 0.5mm.

from £4.72

Tikky mechanical pencil. Lightweight mechanical pencil (0.5mm nib) with rubberised grip to create sketches, technical drawings and texts cleanly and precisely. HiPolymer leads ensure high flexibility and durability while keeping the lead support tip clean. Built in eraser under the pushbutton cap. Incl. rOtring gift box. Supplied with pencil refill. Exclusive design. Plastic.

from £10.20

Jotter mechanical pencil. Jotter stands as an authentic design icon of the last 60 years. With covetable colours and a distinctive shape Jotter remains Parker's most popular pen, recognizable down to its signature click. Incl. Parker gift box. Delivered with pencil refill (0.5mm nib). Built in eraser under the pushbutton cap. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.



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