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Luggage Tags



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from £0.27

Luggage tag in durable PVC with integral strap with clear pocket for an address card

from £0.33

Printed Plastic Luggage Tags are supplied with rounded corners.At 85.5mm x 54mm x 0.76mm (760 micron) these are the same size as Credit or ID cards.A full Colour Print on both sides is standard, and options include signature strips, sequential numbers, bar codes and magnetic strips.These are supplied with a Plastic Luggage Tags.

from £0.36

Printed luggage tags. Full colour print on both sides with a plastic strap with a buckle for secure attachment.

from £0.58

Plastic luggage tag/ID card printed full colour on both sides Slot cut at the top for clear plastic loop attachment to be threaded through Ideal for suitcases, luggage, schoolbags or travel bags

from £0.72

Suitcase shaped, plastic luggage tag with name viewing only and rubber strap. Lift the tab to reveal address detail. Great travel company promotion.

from £0.93

River window luggage tag. A hard-wearing luggage tag complete with paper insert, a clear protective cover, and a matching plastic strap. . ABS Plastic.

from £1.14

Small sized luggage tag made from moulded PVC with section for printed address card insert on reverse. Bespoke shape with a soft frame. Printed up to 4 spot colours. Due to the volatility of soft PVC prices we can only quote on sight of artwork. Also available in medium and large sizes.

from £1.28

Discovery luggage tag. Prevent mixed up luggage by labeling it with your personal information. Aluminium.

from £1.40

Tripz luggage tag. Travel identification tag with matching elastic closure and matching elastic band. Inside ID card provides name, address, phone and email. Leatherette paper.

from £1.48

Moulded PVC Luggage Tags are a modern way to keep your brand in view when travelling.Complete with paper insert in coated window for user details.The ability to achieve multiple levels make these stand out in a crowd.Pantone matched Colours.

from £2.06

2D layered PVC with plastic strap

from £2.61

Darwin PU luggage tag with security cover.



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