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Luggage Tags



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from £0.22

Luggage tag in durable PVC with integral strap with clear pocket for an address card

from £0.30

Taggy Luggage Tag. Flip open identification tag with rubber cord. Inside contains ID label. ABS Plastic.

from £0.58

Plastic luggage tag/ID card printed full colour on both sides Slot cut at the top for clear plastic loop attachment to be threaded through Ideal for suitcases, luggage, schoolbags or travel bags

from £0.67

Suitcase shaped plastic luggage tag with name viewing only and rubber strap

from £0.85

A hard-wearing luggage tag complete with paper insert, a clear protective cover, and a matching plastic strap. .

from £0.95

Tripz luggage tag. Travel identification tag with matching elastic closure and matching elastic band. Inside ID card provides name, address, phone and email. Leatherrete paper.

from £1.22

Discovery luggage tag. Prevent mixed up luggage by labelling it with your personal information. Aluminium.

from £2.06

2D layered PVC with plastic strap

from £7.31

Phoenix TSA luggage tag and lock. Personalise belongings whilst keeping them safe with this 2 in 1 Luggage combination lock and tag. TSA compliant 3 digit lock and integrated label for identifying personal information. If the TSA needs to check your luggage in your absence, they can open it using their own master key, without breaking the lock. ABS Plastic.

from £9.60

Simply attach to your chosen item and connect it via Bluetooth 4.0 to the App. provided. When left behind, an alarm will automatically set off on the droplet to alert you to pick it up or you can use GPS via the App. to see the last known location.



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