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Ice Scrapers



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from £0.27

Compact credit card sized ice scraper with tyre tread gauge measure on reverse and hole for key ring attachment.

from £0.61

Made in the UK from recycled plastic. Printed full colour using a digital process. Plastic material is available in 8 standard colours. Prices given are for white. Coloured plastic product available at extra cost.

from £0.69

Basic plastic ice scraper Available in various colours

from £0.69

Compact and handy ice scraper that easily fits in your car's glovebox.

from £0.73

Chill Ice Scraper. Basic handheld windshield scraper. PS plastic.

from £0.75

Frosty triangular ice scraper for windshield scraping.

from £0.79

Sturdy plastic ice scraper with handle and thumb grip Available in various colours

from £0.80

Functional t-shirt shaped ice scraper. Ideal for sports clubs and teams.

from £0.82

A must have Bamboo ice scraper made from 50% Bamboo figre and 50% PP plastic An ideal eco essentail with a great branding area for those frosty winter mornings Colour may vary due to it being a natural product

from £0.97

Handy ice scraper with integral rubber strip that is compact for easy storage.

from £0.98

Plastic ice scraper with handle. Available in a large range of colours.

from £1.03

Comfortably shaped ice scraper with two scraping options.



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