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from £0.22

5g lollipops with process printed label. Mixture of flavours: apple, cola, lemon and strawberry. Any combination is possible. (in multiples of 200)

from £0.25

10g of original Haribo jelly shapes inside a white or clear cello bag. Your choice of mini bears, planes, hearts, dummies, fish, cars, smilies, footballs or mobile phones. Also available in 20gm and 50gm bags.

from £0.35

Individually wrapped love heart rolls. Branded with a full colour wrap.

from £1.15

A clear heat sealed bag personalised with a printed sticker to the front and an ingredients label to the reverse. Fillings available: 30g jelly beans, 30g mint imperials, 30g jelly bears or 30g chocolate beans. Can also be supplied in compostable bags (Natureflex).

from £1.17

A smart digitally printed box filled with 1 Tetley Tea Bag, 1 Nescafe Coffee sachet, 1 Sugar sachet and 1 mini Walkers shortbread biscuit.

from £1.35

Small pouch box filled with 27 grams of Jelly Bean Factory Beans.

from £1.55

Microwave sweet popcorn in a flow bag. Branded with a full colour digital print to kraft film.

from £1.66

Plastic free pot filled with Jelly Bean Factory beans. Branded with a full colour paper wrap.

from £1.66

Plastic test tube filled with 15g sugar free mint pastilles, dextrose pastilles, espresso beans (brown/beige mix), chocolate confetti or multi-coloured/ single coloured chocolate beans (blue, yellow, green, mauve, orange, pink, white, turquoise, red, black). Personalised with a direct print or full colour label.

from £1.77

Filled with Skittles The filling is scooped directly inox comes to the box. Made from sustainably sourced packaging which can be composted/recycled. Made in the UK.

from £1.86

Filled with Jolly Beans. Filling will be in a clear eco film bag inside the box. Made from FSC certified card and can be recycled or composted when finished with.

from £1.93

Eco large pouch box comes filled with vegan bears. Filling is scooped directly into the box. Made from sustainably sourced packaging, and can be composted/recycled.



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